Name: Airplane Graveyard

Address:  594 Ramkhamhaeng Road/Ramkamahaeng soi 103, next to Assakarn Place Condominium.

How to get there: Easiest way to get here is a taxi, it’s not located close to BTS or MRT.

Opening Times: All day.

Price: Aprox 200 baht, but negotiable with the family living on the site.


Located about 20 minutes from Bangkok center, is one of Bangkok’s strangest and creepiest attractions: An airplane Graveyard.  It’s home to several abandoned airplanes including a 500 m long Boeing 747. Making it event creepier is that fact that there there seem to be several inconsistent theories as to how the planes got there.


The land has become home to several Thai families who send small smiling children to greet you and request payment on arrival. Feel free to negotiate the price, and then you are allowed to explore for an hour.


We’d definitely recommend wearing sports gear to explore, as you need to climb in and out from discarded wreckage, avoiding obstacles along the way.


Highlights include sitting in the cockpit, climbing to the third floor of the Boeing 747 and walking along the plane’s wings! The floor is covered with debris, gas masks and children’s old toys making the whole experience very eerie.


If you’re brave enough, it is definitely worth spending an afternoon there exploring.