Name: -5 Ice bar at Jameson Pub.

Address: 981 Silom Road, Bangkok, 10500. (Next to the Holiday Inn)

Phone Number:+66 266 7703

BTS: Surasak

2013-12-26 19.51.44

Due to the lack of information on the internet, and hard to find location (hidden inside the back of an Irish pub) we were initially a little dubious whether this bar actually existed. But we found it, and it was worth the visit. Everything including the walls, bar itself, shot glasses and seats are made from ice. There are even a few ice sculptures to see. However, the room itself is tiny so don’t expect anything too spectacular or a busy crowd.

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There are many drinks deals and promotions – including an all you can drink in 20 minutes, so the cost you pay seems to depend on your negotiating skills. You can enter for up to 20 minutes – this is definitely enough as it really is cold. There are an array of flavoured vodkas to choose from and try and all are served in shot glasses made from ice.




Don’t worry if you don’t have the correct attire for such cold temperatures with you in Bangkok as the bar provides you with a coat to keep you that little bit warmer. However, no shoes are provided so think carefully about your choice of foot wear. Flip flops will probably mean you struggle to last the full 20 minutes!

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** Please note that since writing this review many months ago, management have informed me that the bar has now closed **