Name: Aquabiking

Address:  Sukhumvit soi 16, at the restaurant ‘Sumi’ close to the restaurant ‘Balee Laos’


BTS: Asok (about 15 minute walk down soi 16)

Price: 300 baht per hour (deals available for booking of several classes)



Yet another new fitness trend in Bangkok involves cycling underwater. It claims to decrease the sensation of intensive training whilst still providing the benefits of  a cardiovascular and muscular workout. We definitely felt like we had had a workout the next day!

The concept is essentially spinning under water, led by an instructor to motivating music. The session is one hour and includes several different exercises, some even involving dumbbells.


There are showers and changing rooms on site for you to get changed and it is suggested to wear swimming gear with shorts and T-shirt.


To book a class, go to their website or send a message through FB, and prepare to struggle to walk the next day.