Name: Go Snoop

Address: Meet at a secret location (which will be revealed via email after booking).


BTS/MRT: It is not close to the BTS or MRT, a taxi from central Bangkok took 30 minutes and cost 200 baht.

Opening Times: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starts at 9:30 am. Other days and times are available for private bookings

Price: 950 baht per person, 1600 baht for corporate bookings (ticket price into temples is included).

Tips: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and prepare to be in the Bangkok heat for around 3 hours.

Discount code: 10% discount with the code GoSnoopxbeyondkhaosanroad


This outdoor detective game is the perfect way to explore Bangkok. You are sent on a mission to find out why the Somsak family went missing, and are challenged with the task of finding clues to solve the mystery. Unlike other escape room games, the clues are around Bangkok and not confined to a small room making it even more exciting.


On arrival you are given a bag full of evidence that will help you solve the case, along with a clipboard to record your findings. Go Snoop have everything thought through so they also provide you with water, rain coats and umbrellas just in case.

Up to 60-70 people can participate at a time, but you are placed in small teams (2 – 6 people) to solve the case and compete against each other and the clock. In order to start you need to solve a riddle then you are released. The longer it takes you to solve the riddle, the later you will start compared to other teams…

The route of clues will lead you around temples, back streets you will have never previously explored, local markets, local shops and local artisans. The walking distance is approximately 4KM, and can take between 1 – 3 hours (depending on how competitive you are, and how much sight seeing and photography you wish to complete along the way)! Alongside the clues, are boxes with fun facts and information about all the places you visit.


The riddles and mysteries are not too hard that you become frustrated or lost, but also not too easy that everyone gets full marks and cracks all the answers. We particularly loved that some of the local businesses are involved in the game!

The staff are friendly, have an excellent level of English and communication was very informative before hand.



We had a superb time and we’re already looking forward to their new route opening in November “Crimes in Thonburi” and later in the year “The Diamond’s River Case.”


A particularly nice touch was follow up email with further information about the route you had completed, places to see and eat nearby along with some photos of the day. We can’t recommend this adventure enough!