Name: Chit Beer brewing academy

Address:  Koh Kred, Nonthaburi. Near Pak Kred/Pak Kret town and market.


How to get there: A taxi from central Bangkok will cost aprox 250 baht to Pak Kred market and take about 40 minutes. From here, you need to proceed to the river. You can get a boat from the pier for 10 baht per person which will take you to the island. The boat trip takes about 5 minutes.

Opening Times: Saturday and Sunday only, 12pm till late.

Price: 7500 baht for two sessions and 50 bottles of your own hand made beer to take home.  Price is split between the amount of people in your group.


Located on the beautifully green island of Koh Kred, Chit Beer is a relaxing place to come and enjoy a beer whilst admiring the Choa Phraya views. Originally a bar selling the owner P’Chit’s craft beers on tap, it has now expanded to also feature a brewing academy where P’Chit teaches students how to brew their own craft beer.


In a country where brewing your own beer is illegal, it may come as a surprise that P’Chit continues this practice and even advertises and publicises it openly. However, P’Chit believes in change, and he is determined to create an army of master brewers to legalise brewing in Thailand.


Lessons are in two parts. The first lesson is where you learn about the beer making process and create your own beer. From picking the malt, to measuring out the quantities you learn everything there is to know. Whilst the lesson takes place you can order local Thai food from stalls nearby (35 baht per dish) and sip some of P’Chit’s own beers (100-140 baht). Once the process is completed your beer is sealed and left for a week. This initial lesson takes approximately 6 hours.


A week later, you need to return to bottle your beer. This session takes about two hours. The bottles are washed, filled with your home made brew and sealed. They now need to be left for a further week in 20⁰C. As our condos could not provide this temperature we left them at Chit beer for another week.



Finally, 3 weeks later your beer is ready to sip and enjoy!

Tip: In order to book, head to Chit Beer and meet P’chit himself to arrange your lessons. He won’t book lessons without meeting you first so phone calls, messages and emails will probably be ignored. The schedule gets very busy so you need to book several months in advance – we had to wait 3 months from the time of meeting him.