Name: Dialogue in the Dark

Address:  NSM Science Square @ Chamchuri Square 4th FL, Phaya Thai Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand 10330


MRT: Sam Yan (exit 2) The Chamchuri Square building is directly next to this.

Phone Number: +66 (0)2 577 9999 ext. 18 to 30

Price: 90 baht

Tour times: Daily 11.15 – 17.15 (Contact them on FB for up to date tour times).

Tip: Ensure you arrive on time for English tours as they are only on twice a day.


Originating in Germany, Dialogue in the Dark allows you to experience the unseen. The concept enables you to learn what it feels like to be visually impaired in a bustling and busy world. During the exhibition there are several challenges to complete in darkness including a walk through the park avoiding waterfalls, a walk through a market avoiding traffic, attending a concert after locating the correct transport, and buying drinks and snacks in a bar.


All your belongings are left in lockers, especially any phones, watches and light emitting devices. However, you are encouraged to take some small notes (approximately 100 baht) so that you can experience buying soft drinks and snacks in a pitch black bar.


To help, you are given a white cane and taught by a blind guide how to hold and use it. When the guide feels you are ready, you are led into the darkness.


Once inside it is impossible to see anything. You need to use your senses of touch, smell, taste and sound to maneuver your way around the exhibition and complete all the tasks. Luckily, a visually impaired guide is with you the whole time to reassure and guide.


The whole exhibition takes approximately an hour to complete. We felt it was  fascinating, unique and gave us a totally new perspective on the world.