Name: Total VR Bangkok

Address:  2nd floor (head towards the lift and car park on the 2nd floor), The Street Ratchada, Bangkok, 10400.


MRT: Thailand Cultural Center (5 minute walk to The Street, Ratchada)

Phone Number: 095-853-8867

Price: 300 baht for half an hour, 550 baht for an hour (several people can share the head set during that time).

Tip: Book in advance, it gets very busy! You can book through FB or line (totalvr)




Total VR is the first virtual reality club in Bangkok. Opened in October 2016, it attracts keen, regular gamers and also novices like us. It is equipped with the latest VR head sets and powerful PCs to provide the best experience.


There are ‘booths’ for each player with their own headset and an area marked out in which you need to stay in. The staff are really helpful and knowledgeable and gave great game recommendations to suit our tastes. There are plenty of games to choose from!



Once you have chosen your game you are let lose into the world of virtual reality to fight zombies, fly in space, play sport or whatever you wish. We were very impressed with how realistic the whole feeling and experience was.


A visit to Total VR comes highly recommended, but we still can’t decide whether it’s more entertaining watching someone or experiencing it for yourself.