Feeling frustrated? We’ve found 5 unique and creative ways to productively channel your anger in Bangkok.


  1. District 13

This is an adrenaline filled way to spend your day and relieve some tension. It is a unique combination of paint ball and archery with a hunger games twist. Like archery you use a bow and arrow, but like paint ball you aim directly at your opponents whilst avoiding obstacles along the way. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt…

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2. Tee Ra Bow Archery

If District 13 is a little too hardcore, you can try a tamer version of archery at Tee Ra Bow. Here, you aim at a variety of targets rather than directly at your opponents.

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3. Skeet and Trap shooting Association of Bangkok

Whether you have never tried clay pigeon shooting before or are extremely experienced, Skeet and Trap is worth a visit. Despite most of us having never shot a gun, we managed to hit some clays!

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4. Bangkok Batting Center

The Bangkok Batting Center allows you to take out all that frustration on a ball that is flying at you at 130 km per hour using a base ball bat.

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5. Bobble Football

A very hot, sweaty but hilarious way to relieve your anger is Bobble Football. Put on a Bobble and run at your opponents in games of sumo, last man standing, bulldog or football!

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