Name: The Animal Cafe

Address:  Le raffles, Sathupradit 19, Narawitas 24, Bangkok


BTS: Nearest BTS is Chong Nonsi, but it is still a taxi ride away.

Phone Number: 026740277

Price: Entrance 200 baht but this contributes towards any food or drinks you then want to purchase

Opening Times: 11am – 10 pm


Just when we thought we had located all the animal cafes in Bangkok, we’ve found one more…and this one includes owls, frogs, crabs, caracals, fennec foxes and much much more!

Upon entering the cafe, the first animals you will come across are two owls. Bizzarely, not only can you look at the owls and take photos – Harry Potter costumes are provided should you wish to dress up!

The main part of the cafe is upstairs. Here you will find frogs, hermit crabs, shrimps, fish, rats and other animals in glass tanks located around the room. You can’t touch these, but you can get up close.

Running freely around the cafe you’ll find a rather excitable fennec fox and a cat. These two run around fighting and playing but if you sit still enough on the grass they may just stop to say hi.


There are also two less energetic, but very cute, chinchillas which you can feed.


However, the main attraction are the caracals. These two wild cats are huge and allow you to get close enough to stroke them. They’re located in a separate room where you need to wash your hands and remove your shoes and a member of staff enters the room with you. While we were there they were happy to sleep while being stroked.



The cafe serves a good selection of reasonably priced food and drinks but we would mainly recommend coming and meeting the animals.