Name: Team Lab Islands : Dance! Art Museum, Learn and Play! Interactive Theme Park

Address:  The Space, 3rd Floor Central World, 999/9 Rama I Rd, 10330, Bangkok.


BTS: Siam/Chitlom

Price: 350 baht (can be purchased at the venue or online through Thai Ticket Major).

Opening Times: Until July 31st 2016.  Tickets are issued on a time slot basis: 10am – 1pm, 1pm – 4pm, 4pm – 8pm.


Team Lab has been produced by a group of Japanese technology, engineering, architecture and graphic design experts culminating in a variety of spectacular and extremely interactive digital installations. Although mainly aimed at children, the innovative technology  makes it an appealing experience for adults too.


The exhibition is divided into 13 zones, each with a different concept.

Zone 1 shows flowers blooming. The flowers change dependent on the proximity of the viewer to the work. As more people enter the room, more flowers bloom.

Zone 2 and 3 are wall displays of film stories and Jakuchu Ito’s art work.

Zone 4 is a room with a projection illustrating rising sea levels brought about by climate change.

Zone 5 shows a mesmerizing digital installation on 7 screens that you can sit, watch and enjoy.

Zone 6 allows you to colour in a sea creature, scan it, and then project it onto a giant virtual aquarium wall. Your sea creature will swim around and interact with you and the other sea life. You can touch and feed your creatures too!

Zone 7 is a table where little people live. Here you can place your hand or objects on the table to make the little people change direction, climb, jump or even build ladders.

Zone 8 is a projection of a story. As you touch the symbols, they evolve into images and a story begins to emerge.

Zone 9 An area full of glowing balls that make music when they are touched and rolled.

Zone 10 Connect blocks to create a virtual town.

Zone 11 and 13 are similar to the aquarium. You can colour in, scan and then project your own drawings onto a screen. However, rather than an aquarium it is a town of UFOs, buses, cars and other transport. In Zone 13 these drawing can be made into 3D models too.

Zone 12 design your own virtual hopscotch game.

Ends 31st July 2016 so get there quick!