Name: Ticket to Mystery

Address:  3rd Floor Gateway Ekkamai mall, Sukhumvit soi 42, Bangkok, Thailand


Phone Number: +66-(0)99-049-3058

BTS: Ekkamai

Price: 2900 baht 4 people, 2300 baht 3 people, 1800 baht 2 people.

Opening Times: Every day 10.30 – 9pm


Ticket to Mystery is a new escape game, conveniently located in Gateway Mall just off Ekkamai BTS. The theme throughout is time travel and there are four games to choose from. You are given the background story and then locked in a room where you have to scavenge for clues to solve the mystery. Adding to the adrenaline is a time limit of 55 minutes or you will not be able to return to present day…


The four games to choose from are ‘Honjo Masamune’ in Japan 1725, ‘Ripper London’ in London 1888 , ‘Curse of the Pharoah’ in Ancient Egypt in 1323 BC, or post apocalyptic world ‘Ghost Tower’ in 2035.



You can book online, or like us, turn up and the staff will complete the booking process for you.

We thought it was a fun way to pass an hour, although the game did seem a lot easier than other Escape games we have played in and around Bangkok previously.

As always in Thailand, there are plenty of props to pose for photos with on completion of the game.