Name: Little Zoo Cafe

Address:  โครงการสุโขทัย99 เมืองทองธานี ถ. บอนสตรีท โครงการติดกับกรมที่ดิน

Sukothai Ave 99, Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi 11120


Phone Number: 092 448 1116

Price: Free entrance. Waffles 215 baht, toasted sandwich 165 baht, spagghetti 235 baht, omelet 165 baht, fish and chips 285 baht, deserts 165-235 baht, drinks 15-175 baht.

Opening Times: 10.30am to 7.00pm (closed on Mondays)


Move over cat, dog and rabbit cafes, there’s a new animal cafe in town, and it has foxes! Little zoo cafe, located on the outskirts of Bangkok in Muang Thong Thani, attracts customers due to its selection of exotic animals. Although we were a little apprehensive about visiting, we feel more reassured having been.

The main draw to visiting the cafe are the Fennec foxes. We were worried about how well they may be looked after, but soon realised they are quite happy in their surroundings. The foxes are kept in a separate glass room to the cafe and only 3-5 people are allowed in at a time. When you are in the room your hands are sanitised and you are not to disturb sleeping foxes. However, we found that the moment we entered the room and sat down the foxes were desperate to jump in our laps to be stroked, with no summoning or coercing at all.

In addition to the Fennec foxes, meerkats also roam the room. To play with these animals you need to sit on the floor and you are not allowed to pet and lift them. The meerkats happily come to you to raid your pockets, bag and belongings. We watched them sneakily pull out several baht notes from visitors pockets.

 Outside of the glass room and within the cafe itself there are other animals such as cats and dogs. We had read that there is also a fox and a racoon  but they didn’t seem to be there when we visited.

Aside from the animals, the cafe served some delicious drinks and food and at decent prices. It did however get very busy so we would advise to book in advance. As the cafe sometimes prohibits petting when the animals get tired, be prepared to wait around till you are granted your turn.


A very different and exotic experience, but maybe not to everyone’s taste.