Name: District 13

Address:  69/339 Srisamam 8, Pak kred, Nonthaburi.


Phone Number: 083 084 2850

Opening Times: Wednesday – Friday 2pm – 9pm. Sat- Sun 10 am – 9pm.

Players: 4 – 12 players recommended.

Price: whole day costs 350 baht wed-fri, 450 baht sat & sun, 390 baht students. Equipment, basic training and unlimited play  included.


Located just 40 minutes outside of Bangkok, near Don Muang airport, this is an adrenaline filled way to spend your day. It is a unique combination of paint ball and archery with a hunger games twist. Like archery you use a bow and arrow, but like paint ball you aim directly at your opponents. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt…

We recommend you book in advance as it can get busy and currently there is only one area of play. You can book by phone or by messaging on the Facebook page. Staff speak exceptional English and are extremely responsive to questions.

When you arrive you are given a chance to practice your archery skills aiming at cans and a mascot. Staff are around to help you and guide you how to use the bow and arrow, as well as, advise you on how to stay alive.


Once you feel confident and ready, you can put on your protective mask and enter the arena where the arrow-flying action begins. The war zone is littered with hay stacks and palettes that soon become your life saving friend.

There are several ways to play this real-life action game. You can split into teams – both teams start at opposite sides of the arena and when the whistle is blown run into the middle to scavenge for arrows before retreating behind hay stacks for safety. Then, you try and hit as many people as you can. Once you are hit you are out.

Alternatively you can place cans around the arena and teams need to protect their cans from being shot down by an opponent.


Our personal favourite was a time limit of 5 minutes, and everyone simply counts how many times they are hit during the game.


So go have fun in Thailand’s very own Capitol, and may the odds be ever in your favour.