Name: Lazgam Laser Games

Address: Holiday inn, 5th floor, Sukhumvit 22, Bangkok

Opening Times: 10am – 2am


Phone number: 02 663 7703

Price: First game 350 baht, second game 300 baht (promotions available for larger groups, see details below)

BTS: Phrom Phong (or Asok)


New to Bangkok, in January 2016, is the Lazgam Laser Games. This carefully crafted futuristic labyrinth is conveniently located near Phrom Phong BTS and is a great place for kids and adults alike whatever the weather. Anyone over the age of 7 can join in the fun.


To really get the heart racing, this two floor maze is packed with barriers, partitions and walls to hide behind and covers an epic 630 square metres. The decor adds to the excitement with a cool, sci fi theme including strobe lights and smoke machines.


You can choose what type of game you play, and there are several game modes available. Options include playing everyone for themselves, splitting into teams, or Alien invasion where one player starts as the alien and anyone they shoot then joins their team.


Games last 15 minutes, and although we initially thought this was a little short we were all hot and out of breath by the end. We opted for splitting 19 of us into three teams – red, pink and blue.


Once payment has been made you log your names, assign yourself to a team and are then assigned a vest and gun number. When you are ready, instructions and rules are given about the game.


Every vest has lights on the front, back, shoulders and gun and these lights correspond to your team colour so you can easily (in theory) identify your team mates once inside the maze. The same amount of points are awarded for shooting any of these areas. Should you get shot (and you undoubtedly will) your gun and vest deactivates for a few seconds allowing you time to get away from the enemy.


Points are awarded for each kill and deducted when you are shot. There are also power pods within the maze that give you extra points or special powers such as invisibility or a shield. A panel on your vest gives you information throughout the game about who shot you and where they hit. A rather patronizing voice also encourages you with phrases like “don’t give up” any time you are shot.


At the end of the game you are given a print out of your statistics to carefully analyse and see who your true friends really are.


If you don’t want to play, you can watch the action from outside of the maze on large TV screens. There is plenty of seating and refreshments are available.


Bookings can be made online through their website or via their Facebook page. Staff are extremely responsive to questions and always reply within the hour. Upon booking, you simply choose a time slot and no deposit needs to be made – this means you don’t need to decide final numbers till you arrive on the day. Lazgam allow up to 32 players in the arena at once. We definitely felt that in the case of Lazgam, the more the merrier.


We definitely recommend checking out this new venue, and suggest you pop into Bangkok Betty’s before hand where you can get ‘buy one game get another game free’ privilege cards.