Name: Bon Bon

Address: Bon Bon, Seenspace, 251/1 Thonglor Soi 13, Bangkok, Thailand


Phone number: 02-185-2378

Price: Ice bar 300 baht for 10 minutes (includes all you can drink infused vodka).

BTS: Thong Lo


The place that used to be Mr Jones’ Orphanage has now been transformed into a modern bar including drinks, food, ping pong tables and an ice bar. You can see the original structure of Mr Jones’ Orphanage with the low ceiling upstairs and curved stairs, but it still is an incredible transformation.


20151225_184918 20151225_185113

The bar is dimly lit with interesting decor such as bird cages and metal wings. There are also gargoyles around the outside of the bar who occasionally emit a cooling, smoky mist.

20151225_195039 20151225_193215 20151225_193214

A fun distraction is the glass ping pong tables available to play for free whenever you please.


The menu consists of tacos, nachos, salads, wings, burgers, burritos and plenty of desserts. There are also lots of cocktail ice creams to choose from including a velvet daiquiri or berry martini. Drinks are reasonably priced with a fair selection of premium spirits, cocktails, beers and wine.


However, the interesting twist is that the bar contains an ice bar. Well, more a transformed walk-in freezer. It may be tiny but it reaches -15 degrees. Coats (although rather feminine) are provided to keep you that little bit warmer.

20151225_201022 20151225_200914

Once you are decked out in your fashionable attire you may enter the ice bar for 10 minutes. During this time you can drink as much herb infused vodka as you can, pouring it yourself! We definitely don’t blame the bar staff for not wanting to come into the cold with us.

20151225_201355 20151225_202158  20151225_201210



The walls are made from ice bricks and the shot glasses are carved from ice.

20151225_201552 20151225_201059


So, if the heat of Bangkok is getting too much for you or you are missing home winters, pop into Bon Bon to cool down.