Name: Tee Ra Bow Archery

Address:  94/2 Tanon Kham Phaeng Phet 6, Bangkok, Thailand, 10900

BTS: It is not really located close to a BTS or MRT but the nearest would be Mo Chit/Chatuchak.


Phone Number:  099 282 5266

Opening Times: Tues – Fri midday-9pm, Sat & Sun 10am – 9pm

Price: 250 baht for beginners session with instructor included.


Enthused by the Hunger Games and other bow heroics, archery is a new craze in Bangkok and we had the pleasure of experiencing the fun at Tee Ra Bow. Whether you’re an experienced shooter of simply there for fun and a laugh (like we were) it will be an afternoon well spent.



Unfortunately it is not located in central Bangkok, but it did only take us 30 minutes to get there from On Nut BTS. This helpful map above will be invaluable in making sure taxi drivers find the way.

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When we arrived we were greeted with friendly and welcoming smiles and given a safety demonstration. Then, we were kitted out with arm protectors and finger protectors and handed a recurve bow along with 6 arrows. The staff are extremely helpful and their level of English superb so we slowly got to grips with what we needed to do.

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Throughout our practice staff were on hand to give us (continuous) pointers about our aim, stance and hold of the bow and we slowly improved. We definitely found that it was easy to learn but difficult to master!

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There are several targets at Tee Rak Bow and you can choose your target size and distance. Although we started at 5 metres and with larger targets, there were targets at much greater distances and featuring different animals that you could aim for.




Around us there was a mixture of small children and experienced shooters also having a go. To ensure no one is hit by an arrow, one of the staff indicates when it is safe to shoot and when it is safe to collect your arrows.


Once we had experienced the recurve bow, we were moved onto the compound bow. This resembles a robotic like contraption due to its levering system, cables and pulleys. We thought this was the most fun to use! Again, staff were very good at guiding us through how to use it properly.



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The archery is located in a sports complex with a sports hall and tennis courts nearby. There are good toilet facilities and soft drinks are also available at cheap prices (est 10 baht, water 5 baht).


When you’ve finished for the day, there’s a great wall covered in graffiti that we were encouraged to go and pose next to for our photo to be taken with the bows and arrows!

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