Name: Rockin’ Jump

Address:  428 Ratchadapisek- Rama 3 Road, Chong Nonsi, 10120, Bangkok. It is located near Central Plaza at Rama 3. It is a large red building that looks like a car park (see photo at bottom of post).

BTS/MRT: It’s not really located near a BTS or MRT. The closest would be Chong Nonsi.


Phone Number:  02 212 0222

Opening Times: 8am – 8.30pm

Price: 30 mins 400 baht, 1 hour 600 baht, 90 mins 800 baht, 2 hours 1000 baht. On top of this you also need to purchase special Rockin’ Jump socks for 95 baht. All you can jump promotions for 600 baht Mon-Thurs 2pm-8pm.


Newly opened August 2015, this Trampoline park is a whole lot of fun and a great work out too. We left aching after an hour! Although we can’t decide if it was from the jumping or non stop laughing.

You can make bookings online or simply pop in. The park ask that you sign a waiver before arrival, this is available on their website. Alternatively they have computers available at the park so you can sign the waiver there.



Once the waiver is signed you need to make your payment at the desk and purchase some special Rockin’ Jump socks. These have grips to help you bounce!



You will be given a coloured wrist band which determines how long you can stay in the trampoline park. Announcement are made regularly to let you know which colour wrist bands time is up. We recommend you go straight to the trampolines once your wrist band is issued or you will miss out on valuable bouncing time!


The trampoline park itself is split into four areas. The first one is a basketball style court with two trampolines and two basketball nets and balls. It’s great fun to practice your slam dunk, but note only one person is allowed on each trampoline at a time.





Next to the basketball area there is a foam pit with four parallel trampolines. Here you can practice your jumps, flips or simply dive and play in the foam blocks!





If you would like to build up a sweat then the next area is for you. This is the dodge ball zone. Here there are several trampolines adjacent to each other and lots and lots of balls. Each team chooses a side to start from and then the game of dodge ball can begin! Staff are on hand to referee and make sure the game doesn’t get out of hand.

20150913_124000 20150913_123807 20150913_123356 20150913_123354

Finally the trampoline area. Here you are free to bounce, slide and do whatever you want….as long as there is only one person per trampoline at a time.






The whole park is clean and new with great facilities. Free lockers are available for all your belongings and there are staff in all the areas to ensure everyone is happy and safe.

20150913_125553 20150913_121342

If you would rather spectate than join in the fun, there are chairs around the park as well as a mezzanine area to view the action from above. Within the cafe there are also TV screen which play live video footage from within the trampoline park.

20150913_124437 20150913_124430  20150913_121347 20150913_11560520150913_124423

Finally, once you’ve burned all those calories you can replenish them in the cafe. Delicious cakes, drinks and coffees are available as well as food (see menu below. Enlarge by clicking on the photo).

20150913_125726 20150913_125657 20150913_125720

As mentioned above, the park is quite difficult to locate and resembles a red car park. Once you have found the building you need to proceed to the second floor.

20150913_134008 20150913_120717 20150913_120732

We thoroughly recommend visiting Rockin’ Jump and we will be returning to try their Rockin’ Robics class soon!