Name: Rabbito Cafe

Address:  ปากซ. สุขุมวิท101/1 ใกล้BTS อุดมสุข Bangkok, Thailand

Pak C 101/1 Sukhumvit 

BTS: Udom Suk

Phone Number:  0849191551   0863642552


Opening Times: 11am – 10pm

Price: Entrance free. Pizza, salad or toasted sandwich 69 Baht, spaghetti 100-130 baht, French fries or chicken 79 baht, desserts 69 baht, sodas 69 baht, Frappe 80-100 baht, Beer 65-80 baht per bottle. Other food and drinks options also available.


Conveniently located next to Udom Suk BTS, Rabbito cafe provides a perfect spot for animal lovers, children or those who crave a pet. The decor is quirky, the rabbits friendly and the food and drinks delightful. We would struggle hard to fault the place.




The decor is mainly wooden with a modern feel and there are plenty of ‘rabbit’ touches around the cafe.   On entering, you need to take off your shoes and wash and sanitise your hands. You are then free to stroke, pet and feed the rabbits. If you so wish, you can also hold some of the rabbits and the staff will happily assist you and explain how to hold them safely.

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We definitely recommend buying some of the rabbit cookies and food (20 baht) as this will make you a lot more popular amongst your new fluffy friends.


Some rabbits can be found in cages around the outside of the cafe, whilst others wonder around a square shaped pen in the centre.

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Seating is on the floor around small tables making it convenient for rabbits to come and visit you. The service was friendly, efficient and quick. Beyond this, it was all delicious and served in a quirky and interesting way.




If you’re lucky, some rabbits may show you their tricks! Or you may be photographed to later feature on the cafe’s website and Facebook page…