Name: Bungsamran Fishing Park

Address: 21/596 soi Navamin Road, Bungkum, Bangkapi, Bangkok, 10240, Bangkok.

(It is not located next to the MRT or BTS. We got a taxi from On Nut BTS and it cost us 200 baht on the meter).

Phone Number:  +66 2 7349 272



Price: We paid 650 baht each for four people sharing one rod, a large bucket of bait and a fishing guide to help us. The price was significantly reduced for us due to having Thai work permits.  For full price list without work permit, see photo at bottom of this post.


Irrelevant of how experienced a fisherman or woman you are, Bungsamran Fishing Park provides the perfect way to spend a day eating, drinking and chatting whilst catching ridiculously large fish, and we can pretty much guarantee you will catch a ridiculously large fish!

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The lake itself is located on the outskirts of Bangkok and provides for a very quiet setting, surrounded by greenery and trees. You can choose to either fish from the central pier which has plenty of benches, tables and shade under a thatched roof, or alternatively, you can pay extra to hire one of the private wooden huts. These range from simple bungalows at 600 baht, to the more expensive at 2,000 baht including fridges, TV, air con and sofas.

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The lake is full of different fish of all shapes and sizes. Included are Chao Phraya Giant Catfish, Striped Catfish, Meakong Giant Catfish, Giant Siamese Carp, Alligator Gar, Arapaima, Giant Gourami, Nile Tilapia, Giant Snakehead, Striped Snakehead and Pacu. We were told some have grown up to 100kg in weight. Around the entrance to the fishing park you will find plenty of photos of some of the largest fish that people have caught.




If, like us, you’re not an experienced or confident fisherman you can hire a guide to help you. The guide will help cast and bait the rod and direct you once the fish has actually bitten (we found this invaluable). An added bonus when hiring a guide is that should you lose or break the rod you won’t be liable. We’ve now visited Bungsamran on two occasions, and both times the guides have been extremely friendly, helpful and spoke decent English.

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Once the fish has bitten, you need to reel it in. This fight can take a while and be rather strenuous due to the size of the fish. After the fight is over a net is used to pull the fish onto the side and you’re free to pose for photos. All the fish are then returned back into the water.




 Aside from fishing there are plenty of other facilities at the lake including snooker and pool, a massage parlour, a fishing shop, food shop and restaurant and bar.

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Whilst you’re fishing you can order food and drinks from waiters on bicycles. They will take your order then deliver your order on their bike. Alternatively you can walk yourself. Food was good and cheap and we saw plenty of people in the restaurant who had purely come for food and were not participating in fishing.


So if you want to wow your friends with stories of how you caught a 100kg fish, enjoy a day chatting, drinking and eating by a lake then Bungsamran Fishing Park is for you.

Food and drinks menu, as well as fishing prices, can be found below. Just click on the photo to enlarge it.

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