Name: Peppermint Bike Park

Address: Soi Yothin Phattana 3, Khwaeng Khlong Chan, Khet Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240

Phone Number:  029-327-501

Price:  Bike rental 100 baht an hour, Entrance fee for day biking 150 baht per hour, entrance fee for night biking 200 baht per hour. Annual membership available for 200 baht which entitles you to further discounts.

Opening hours: Saturday & Sunday day biking 7.00am – 5.30 pm, Night biking 6.00pm – 10.30 pm. Weekdays open 2pm – 10pm. Closed on Mondays.



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Whether you’re an avid mountain biker, or simply fancy trying something different, Peppermint Bike Park has something for everyone. Newly opened in May 2015 the bike park provides brand new facilities to ride safely and develop your skills.  In addition, bike hire is available once there, so you really have no excuse not to get active and go!


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We did have some issues locating the bike track but if you phone them the staff are extremely friendly and are more than willing to direct you. Just look for the large Peppermint Bike Park Promotional flags. Parking is available and there is a Tesco Lotus opposite to pick up any additional snacks and drinks.

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In order to be able to ride in this playground built for cyclists you need to be wearing appropriate footwear and hand over a passport or ID (this can be a photocopy). The staff then equip you with a bike and helmet and you are ready to start. We couldn’t see any lockers for bags and valuables but the staff were happy to keep them in their office.

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The cycle track has two options. A blue paved track which is 500m and simply loops around the outside of the park, and a black elevated track which contains the mountain biking elements.

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The whole track is clearly labelled with start and finish signs as well as arrows to show which direction to cycle in. There are options to also take harder and easier routes.

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Along your cycle you encounter many wooden ramps and bridges….

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Humps and bumps (which was definitely our favourite part)….


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rocky slopes and even jumps….

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as well as incredibly tight corners and curves.


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The whole park is set around a lake, so whether you’re cycling or simply a spectator it’s a pleasant place to be. There is also a shop selling water, coffee and soft drinks. Although we recommend a visit and thoroughly enjoyed our day, we would recommend an evening cycle as the track is in direct sunlight and on warm Bangkok days it can be very sweaty.