Name: Shannta Jewellery Making

Address: 3rd Floor of Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (opposite MBK).

Phone Number: 022143018

Price: 1800 baht  for 5g (this will make 1 large pendant, 2 small pendants or a set of earrings), 2300 baht for 10g (this will make 2 large pendants, set of earrings or a ring), 2500 baht for 15g (this will make 2 large pendants, set of earrings or a larger ring).

BTS: National Stadium (or a short walk from Siam)



Shannta is a quaint jewellery store located at the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre which also offers the opportunity to make your own silver jewellery. It’s a lovely way to spend a few hours in Bangkok and make a special gift for someone or simply something unique to treat yourself. Although we soon found out that it does require a lot more artistic skill than we had expected!





First of all you choose which package you would like to go for, then you can decide on your design. The ladies in the store are very friendly and helpful and there are plenty of photographs as well as a catalogue of ideas for designs. We would recommend having a think about this before you arrive as we spent quite a lot of time umm-ing and aah-ing.




Once you have chosen your design you are given a sketch pad to practice drawing it. Next, a ball of silver clay is placed in front of you and the staff direct you through the steps. The ball of clay needs to be rolled out flat ready for the design to be drawn. The whole class takes place at the window of the shop so be prepared to have passers by stopping and watching you as you work.

20150613_131633  20150613_131642



When the clay is flat enough you use a metal instrument to draw your design. You need to draw your design bigger than you would like your jewellery to be as when it is heated the silver clay will shrink by 16%. We’ll admit it took us several tries to get our designs just right so there was a lot of re-rolling of the clay! However, the staff were extremely patient with us and maintained smiles on their faces.





Once the design is drawn you use a sharp knife to cut it out.  The silver clay is then placed into what looks like an oven for a few minutes to harden and dry.



Once dry you need to dissolve some of the silver clay in water and using a paintbrush dab the edges of your design to make them smooth. Once happy with your design it is placed in the kiln at 800 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes. At this point you are told you can leave the shop and you are given a time to return later.



We returned an hour later, and like magic, our clay designs had transformed into solid, shinning, 99.9% silver jewellery ready to wear! We were very impressed with our masterpieces. They definitely looked a lot more professional than they did as clay! We do apologise for the limited photos of the actual jewellery we designed but we were hoping to use them as surprise presents for family and friends so we don’t want to reveal them just yet.



Finally, the jewellery is placed in a lovely box and bag making it look all the more professional. It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Bangkok and we now have some lovely gifts for a few special people.



If you’d like to watch the whole process of how to make the silver jewellery, you can watch a video provided by Shannta below.