Name: Escape Room

Address: 7th Floor MBK Center, Lot No. M3 & M4, SF Cinema City, 444 Phayathai Road, Bangkok Pathumwan 10330 Thailand.

Phone Number:  02-611-4994

E-Mail Contact :


BTS:  National Stadium

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Price: Students 380 Baht, normal price 500 baht.


Move over Escape Hunt, there’s a bigger, more active escape game in Bangkok and it goes by the name of Escape Room! Not only will you be physically challenged (we had to climb and crawl in between red lasers!) but there are intellectual challenges too including phoning people, breaking into hidden rooms and deciphering locks, riddles and codes. We definitely left smiling.


Opened in April 2015, Escape room is an interactive puzzle where you are locked in a room for 45 minutes. The aim of the game is to escape before the time is up. In order to escape you need to use logic and intuition to find the treasure and the key. Each task is cleverly set up and you will feel a huge sense of pride when you solve each step of the game. We’ve got to add it’s not easy!



Hidden on the 7th floor of MBK and not as well advertised at we would have liked, this escape game is a hidden gem. There are 6 different games to choose from each with it’s own scenario and challenges. There are posters clearly displayed explaining the story behind each game and also it’s level of difficulty. Click on the photos below to read the descriptions or visit the Escape Room website for more details.












While you wait for your game to be set up you can sit and complete some mini challenges. Once the game is ready you need to put your belongings into a locker. You may not take any belongings or phones (hence no photos of the lasers)! Before entering the room friendly staff will explain the basic rules and clues, then you can play!


Once you enter the room a timer starts ticking in the corner of the room and the time you have left is clearly displayed on a screen. Music and sound effects are played into the room building up adrenaline…and fear! Should you get stuck there is a red button which you can press to receive a clue. However, be aware each clue costs you a minute of your time.


Once your time is up, or you manage to escape, you are given the opportunity to pose with a variety of props and you are then given the photo to take home as a souvenir! We were also given the opportunity to participate in a raffle where we won a key ring and discount vouchers for our next visit.



We loved Escape room and will definitely be returning. Maybe next time we’ll brave one of the horror scenarios….


It may be worth noting they are an International Company so have other Escape Rooms around the world.