Name: Secret Tubing Thailand

Address: It’s a secret, but if you book a trip you can find out!


Phone number: 089 664 2010

Opening Times: Saturday 6am- 6pm (but we were told that with prior warning other days can be arranged).

Prices: 2000 baht per person (includes transport there and back, lunch, the tubes, your guides). Drinks are not included. Beer is 40-60 baht depending on the restaurant chosen, water and soft drinks 15 baht. Buying drinks or food in bars allows you access to their swing, slide or ropes for free. If you don’t wish to purchase anything bars may charge 30-50 baht for a go on their slide.

What to bring: Sun cream, towels, change of clothes, water proof camera, mosquito repellent, tissues, money.


Have you ever heard of a place where you can go tubing near Bangkok? Nope? Neither had we! So we were a little terrified we would end up in a Bangkok khlong with several unpleasant stories to tell… Thankfully, this is far from what happened. Secret Tubing Thailand involves a picturesque location where the water is clean and the scenery is stunning. Here, you cruise down the river in a tube at your own leisurely pace admiring the palm trees and greenery while stopping at bars for drinks, zip wires, rope swings or slides. It’s fantastic day playing in a natural water park.



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The day starts with pick up at 6am at a location of your choice. Yes, this may seem a little grim but it is totally worth it, and it’s actually quite nice to see the quiet, traffic free streets of Bangkok. From here the journey is about two hours and the mini bus is comfortable, clean and safe.


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Once you arrive it’s time to pick the tube of your choice and get prepared. The location caters for Thais so we recommend you wear shorts and t-shirts to cover up. Conveniently, the staff also provide zip-lock water proof bags for money, valuables (and if you dare) your phone. Anything you don’t want to take on the river can be left safely on the bus with the driver.



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Once you overcome the initial cold welcome of the water, it becomes pleasantly warm. Most of the river is shaded but the sun can still be very strong. From the start point it is only minutes before you are faced with your first bar with a slide to enjoy. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to slides on this trip. They come in all shapes, sizes, heights and colours.




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In addition to slides there are plenty of zip wires to choose from. Life jackets are available at all locations should you feel uncomfortable falling into water.

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There are also rope bridges to climb and swing on which are as amusing to watch as they are to play on.

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Unlike the tubing in Vang Vien, bars don’t try to summon you in, leaving you to enjoy a peaceful cruise down a natural lazy river. There is an abundance of bars so you are never far from food, a drink or a toilet. Expect plenty of starring  and waving from the Thai adults and children playing in the water as there will be no one on tubes but you. The Thais prefer to float down the river simply wearing life jackets, or paddling in groups on rubber dingis.

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Lunch is approximately at 12 o’clock. It’s tasty and there is plenty to eat. We enjoyed some garlic chicken, fried vegetables and fried rice. The guides on the trip are superb and we couldn’t have asked for more from them. Although they guide, lead and inform you, you are also left to enjoy the trip at your own chosen pace stopping whenever and wherever you wish. Beyond this, they are extremely fun and we thoroughly enjoyed their company.


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After lunch you proceed down the river for some more wet and wild fun, finally ending your trip at about 3pm. Here the mini bus is waiting for you and there are toilets and basic showers were you can get changed and prepare for the journey home. The bus will then take you back to your chosen location in Bangkok. We cannot recommend the trip enough and are already discussing dates for when we can book the next one.



As for the location, we’re going to keep in line with the name of “secret tubing” as we would hate it to become overcrowded and destroyed by tourism. To find out you’ll just have to book a trip….and we are certain you will not regret it!