Name: House of Aromatic Joss Stick

Address: Moo 3, Soi Petchahueng 52,  Tambon Bang Nam Phueng, Bangkrachao

Phone Number:  +6628150729

Price:  Free

BTS: Bangna Exit 2 (From here you will need to get a taxi to Wat Bang Na Nok pier then a boat across the river to Bangkrachao. Further details on how to get to Bangkrachao can be found here: Once on Bangkrachao there are signs to follow all the way from the pier).


The House of Aromatic Joss Stick making is definitely something a little but different to do around Bangkok. You can learn all about the process of joss stick making, as well as make your own sticks to take home! It doesn’t take up too much time so we would suggest you combine it with a day of cycling and exploring other parts of Bangkrachao.




When you first arrive the building simply looks like a home. Unfortunately, we hadn’t booked and there was a huge school group visiting but despite this, staff were extremely welcoming and accommodating.  We were told they could show us how to make the joss sticks in 30 minutes, and gave us advice on where to visit while we waited.




The joss stick making itself took place outside in the back garden. Large tables were set out with different coloured paste; green, orange, and pink. Although the pastes are different colours, they all smell of lemon grass. We were informed that the joss sticks double up as insect repellent due to their lemon grass aroma.



Information is given about the process of joss stick making in relatively good English and the staff are very happy to answer any questions. The wooden sticks are made from bamboo and the paste itself is made from Lime Kaffir fruit skin which is dried and crushed. This is then combined with lemon grass, water and coloured dye to create the paste. Both the sticks and paste are pre-prepared for you.

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Next comes the fun yet messy part. You use your hands to layer the bamboo sticks with paste. Although you are shown the technique and it appears pretty easy the whole process is a lot more difficult than anticipated. Our joss sticks were definitely of different sizes and thickness when compared to the model examples!

20150214_131932 20150214_133152

Once you are finished, the joss sticks are placed in a bucket filled with sand to dry and you even get the chance to take some joss sticks home with you. The House of Aromatic Joss Stick also provides the opportunity to try cooking or batik painting, but we decided to save these experiences for another visit to Bangkrachao.


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