Name: Baiyoke Balcony

Address: 222 Soi Ratchaprarop 3, Ratchaprarop Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Phone Number:   +66 2656 3939      +66 2656 3000     +66 2656 3456


Opening Times: Opens 5.30pm

Prices:  1000 Baht per person before Tax for the outdoor balcony, 850 baht per person before tax for indoor seating. The difference between the two options is explained below and we would recommend the outdoor option. It is worth the extra few baht.

BTS: Ratchathewi


Located on the 81st floor of the tallest building in Bangkok, this buffet claims to be the highest open-air restaurant in Thailand and it is one that should definitely not be missed. A combination of incredible views, great service and an extensive selection of food prove for a superb evening. The buffet includes a ticket to also visit the viewing platform located on the top floor of Baiyoke after your dinner. This is no ordinary viewing platform – it rotates providing fantastic 360 degree views of Bangkok.

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We recommend booking in advance and paying the extra Baht to book one of the four outdoor balconies. The view is incredible, the area is small so it feels intimate and private, and you get the added bonus of being served extra food that is not included in the indoor buffet selection straight to your table as well as a free glass of white or red wine. Should it rain, staff will relocate you indoors until the rain passes.

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When opting for the outdoor buffet you can also choose from a starter and a main from the menu which is brought to your table and not available as part of the indoor buffet option. This includes lobster bisque, beef steak, grilled duck or even grilled oysters.  The quality of food is good, especially when the price is considered.

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Alternatively, you can opt to sit indoors at a cheaper price. Here the seating is also good, with large windows with a great view. Please note, that you will not be allowed onto the balcony to take photos if you are not seated on the balcony area. The food in the buffet is also of very good quality and you can see the chefs preparing it fresh in front of your eyes. There is a large selection to choose from, with a strong focus on seafood and sushi.

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Drinks are very well priced for a sky restaurant. Cocktails range from 150 – 200 baht, spirits and beer 150 baht, glass of wine 180 baht, a bottle of wine starts at 800 baht, soft drinks 60 baht. Spirits are also sold by the bottle and sparkling wine is available.


After dinner you can head up to the 84th floor to experience the revolving viewing platform. The views from the top of Baiyoke are incredible, and there are useful signs, maps, and coin activated telescopes to help explain where different land marks are located. Apparently you can see all the way to the Gulf of Thailand, but it was a little hazy when we were there. When heading up the tower, don’t expect posh interior design. The top floor and bar are more for the views than the atmosphere and have a kitsh ‘outer space’ theme along with many souvenir stalls.

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If you want to skip dinner and simply visit the viewing platform, price is 300 baht before 6pm and 400 baht after 6pm. It may be worth noting that there is a cage around the viewing platform, this doesn’t disrupt views whilst you are up there, and it is possible to take photos through the gaps, but it does affect group photo opportunities.



The entrance to Baiyoke can be a little hectic as it is so busy, with many restaurants, attractions and it is a hotel. However, this bares no reflection on the atmosphere in the restaurant. Once you escape the crowds of the lifts you will forget how many people are swarming the building (until you go to the viewing platform….).