Name: Game Over

Address: 1000/39 Liberty Plaza, Thong Lo, Bangkok

Phone Number:  +6621707684


Opening Times: 11.00am – 2.00am

Prices:  Soft drinks 60 Baht, beer 100 – 600 baht, Spirits and wine are only sold by the bottle, burgers 170-340 baht. Membership starts at 900 baht per month. Games are a further 200 baht per hour, console games are a further 350 baht per hour beer pong will cost you 700 baht.

BTS: Thong Lo (But you will then need to get a motor bike or taxi as it is quite a distance down the soi).


The main attraction? Daniel Thaiger’s insanely good burgers and the setting. We’ve not heard anyone say anything bad about the burgers yet. They are always meaty, full of flavour and satisfying. You can come to Game Over as a restaurant for a bite to eat and play some of the free games, or pay the price and have a go at console games and some of the more popular ‘members only’ board games.





The decor makes it a cool place to hang out and there are plenty of tables, including larger tables so you can go as a bigger group of friends. We were highly impressed with the look and atmosphere of Game Over and there were plenty of clever touches and catchy slogans to make the visit even more enjoyable.

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The free games include mini foosball, jenga classic, monopoly (the full games menu can be seen at the bottom of this post). However, there is quite a price to pay if you want to play any of the better games. Membership starts at 900 baht (when there is a deal on) for a month, then on top of this you need to pay a surcharge per game per hour e.g to play Cards Against Humanity you would need to pay 900 baht for the months membership, then 200baht per hour to play the game. If it is a console game it will cost you 350 baht per hour on top of your monthly membership fee. We feel this makes it one of the more expensive games places in Bangkok, and inconvenient if you don’t plan to visit regularly during that month.



However, the burgers, console games and the fact alcohol is served do make it stand out. There is a wide selection of craft beers but do beware that if you are not a beer drinker, there isn’t much choice unless you plan to buy a bottle of spirit or wine. They don’t sell these by the glass.



Beer pong is also available. To play, you need to be a member and the game will then cost you 700 baht (including six beers). It’s great fun and we definitely recommend it.

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Overall, a cool evening but you do pay the price. If you’re purely wanting the Daniel Thaiger burgers, they are also available on soi 38 and at a cheaper price straight from the van.