Name: Dine in the Dark @ Sheraton Grande, Sukhumvit

Address: 250 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Phone Number:   +66 2649 8888      +66 2 649 8358


Opening Times: Opens 6.30pm. Last orders 9.30 pm. Tuesday – Saturday.

Prices:  1, 400++ Baht for a 4 course meal (drinks not included).

BTS: Asok (Take Exit 5. It will be located directly on your left hand side, on the opposite side of the road to Terminal 21)

MRT: Sukhumvit


Dine in the dark offers a rather unique, unsettling yet delicious and fun dining experience. The concept? Exactly what the name suggests. Dining in complete darkness. The added twist? You don’t know what you will be given to eat. Definitely not for the fussy eaters, but an extremely exciting experience for those who dare.


Dine in the dark re opened last month in the Sheraton Grande, Sukhumvit. Dining is limited to 24 guests and when we were there it was full, so we suggest pre booking to avoid disappointment. When you arrive you can take a seat and have a nerve settling drink in the modern BarSu. Staff will then give you a rather fetching DID apron and you are then asked to hand over any mobile phones, watches, lighters or other equipment or devices that may be used as a light source. These items are locked in a box and you are given a key to retrieve them after your dining experience.


Although you don’t order from a menu and are not given any clues as to what you will eat, you do have a slight choice. You can choose from Asian, Western, Vegetarian or Chef’s special and you can also specify any allergies or things you don’t like. Staff are very willing to accommodate these preferences.


Next, you are introduced to your waiter or waitress for the evening. The staff at DID are all visually impaired. Your waitress/waiter will introduce themselves, before you are led in a line holding each others shoulders down some stairs and through curtains into the restaurant. It is unbelievable how dark the room actually is. We don’t believe we have ever experienced such extreme darkness before. You can’t make out any shapes or shadows which is a really straining and unusual experience. Your guide leads you to the table and helps you find your chair, cutlery and glass of water. This is all rather terrifying and disorientating as you fumble about…..some of us managed to accidentally confuse the table as the chair…


You are then served a four course menu. We would recommend you order the same menu so you can share in the experience together, but this is not compulsory. We gained much pleasure from comparing textures of ‘squidgy’ and ‘furry’ and contemplating what we might be eating. Some of us opted for using cutlery (and missing our mouths consistently) others opted for fingers to feel everything before deciding whether to eat it. Although the fingers approach does prove rather difficult when it comes to soups, sauces and other liquids!


Should you need the toilet during the meal, your guide will help you back outside into the light (although, we feel this is cheating). When you have finished your meal you are led back outside into the light and then it is revealed what you had to eat. We won’t disclose what we ate as we would hate to ruin your experience, but we can say that the food was excellent, full of flavour and of very high quality. Worth every Baht we paid. If you enjoy the experience and want to return again, you will be glad to hear the menu changes monthly.

So why not “switch of the lights and turn on your senses at Dine in the Dark.”