Name: Ebi Prawn Fishing and Seafood Restaurant Bangkok.

Address: Rotchanamin Alley, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

Phone Number: +66 81 856 4572

Prices:  Prawn fishing is free and you can stay for as long as you want. You only pay for what you catch and  then eat. Prices are 850 baht per 1kg of prawns (our four prawns cost 450 baht), 200 baht aprox. per dish on the menu and soft drinks 30 baht.

Opening hours: 10am – 11pm

BTS: Unfortunately this place is not accessible by BTS, you will need to get a taxi.


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Ebi Prawn fishing provides the perfect way to make you feel like you deserve your dinner, as you have to catch your dinner first! Suitable for seafood lovers (but not for the squeamish) this restaurant provides a quiet and pleasant setting with delicious and fresh seafood at a reasonable price. Dinner could even cost you nothing, it you aren’t a great hunter-gatherer and  prove unsuccessful in your catch!



Initially, we were extremely dubious about visiting Ebi Prawn Fishing restaurant as we didn’t know anyone who had been or even heard of it and we could only find limited information online. However, after calling in advance to confirm it existed and the price, we braved it after work one night and we were very happy that we did.





It is located down a soi with bars either side. The appearance from the outside is a small wooden house and if you were passing you would probably not bother to look twice. However, on entering it was clear that we had found the right place. The centre piece of the restaurant is a large area of water with a concrete wall, and if you peer over the wall you can see lots of prawns of different sizes chilling in the water. You may want to bring mosquito spray as we did see and feel quite a few during the evening.




When we rang in advance we were able to communicate in English, but when we arrived the staff at the restaurant spoke mainly Thai. With our limited Thai and the art of sign language we were able to get ourselves one rod each and some drinks.  The staff showed us what to do and how to attach the rather unappetising looking bait. They helped us throughout the process, even helping us remove the prawns once they were caught, but politely laughing at us at the same time.

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The whole process was far from adrenaline filling, but it is definitely something different and we enjoyed the experience. Once you have placed your rod in the water you need to wait for a prawn to become tempted by the bait. You can clearly see where the prawns are in the water and when they are approaching the bait. The prawns also appeared to be a lot cleverer than you would think and often nibble a little bit before quickly dashing backwards away from danger, leaving you disappointed and hungry. Once caught, they are placed in a basket and left in the water to stay fresh.



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In total we fished for 1/2 hour catching one prawn each before deciding to sit down and eat. We could definitely have fished for longer, but we were already starving when we had arrived. Apart from the prawns you catch (which the chef barbeques for you) there is a large selection of prawn based dished on the menu and all are reasonably priced. Although no meat is listed on the menu, when we asked if we could have some dishes with chicken, the staff were happy to oblige.


As you can see, the food was good, and we finished all our well earned prawns. We’d definitely recommend the tom yum if you visit.  A very exciting and very different dinner experience.