Name: Harbin Ice Wonderland

Address: 3776 Sukhumvit 70/4 Rd., Bangna Bangkok 10260

Phone Number:  09 1872 1268


Prices: 350 baht adults 250 baht for children for Thai’s and those with a Thai work permit. 550 baht for foreigners or those without a work permit. 140 baht to rent a coat, 120 baht for gloves or you can simply bring your own. Bob sleigh ride 20 baht. 10% discount for booking online is coming soon. You can stay as long as your body can handle for this price, but once you leave the room you cannot re-enter.

Opening Times: Ice wonderland: Monday to Friday 10.30 am – 9.30 pm.  Saturday and Sunday 9.30 am – 9.30 pm

Ice bar : Monday to Friday : 10.30 a.m. – 02.00 a.m.  Saturday and Sunday: 09.30 a.m. – 02.00 a.m.

BTS: Bearing (take exit 2, you will see the unusual building straight away, with a huge sign and even a balloon in the sky. It is less than a minute walk from the BTS).


We were lucky enough to attend the grand opening of Harbin Ice Wonderland, and we were not in any way disappointed. Despite the shivering and shaking which made us remember why we had moved to the warmth of Thailand, we had smiles on our faces throughout the whole experience. The place is much larger than we expected and of a much higher standard. The complex includes both an ice bar and an ice park.




Once you have queued and paid your entrance, hire of equipment and ticket for the bob sleigh, you can then proceed to the next room (remember to keep your receipt, as this is your ticket for your coat and for the rides). You are then given your rather fetching coloured coat and gloves and can enter an acclimatization zone. Here you need to stand for 5 mins to let your body become used to the cold. Be aware there is a further temperature drop once you leave the acclimatization room and enter the ice wonderland. Some of our phones struggled a little bit with the cold (as did we).


 20141011_154855             20141011_154242




20141011_152016   20141011_152005 20141011_151835



The first part of the park is filled with ice sculptures of different monuments from around the world. Each is intricately designed and exciting to look at and admire. Every time we turned a corner we were pleasantly surprised and amazed at the view. Cleverly, the floor is kitted out with carpet, keeping your feet warm and preventing slipping. The ice sculptures include the Grand Palace, Big Ben and even an underwater scene.



20141011_153828             20141011_154442

Further inside the park is a play area for kids and grown ups alike. There are slides to whizz down on your bum, a ball park and igloo to play in and even an ice luge to experience on a blow up tube.




There is also a small area with fake snow for a snowball fight or building some snow sculptures of your own.

IMG_20141012_092234 IMG_20141012_091629


However, our favourite and the biggest attraction is the bob sleigh run. Although the queue was 40 minutes when we visited (an ice cold and chilling 40 minutes) it was worth it for the 20 second ride! We now understand why you pay for the bob sleigh ride in advance, otherwise we are not sure we would have bothered remaining in the queue.





As always in Thailand, there are also plenty of places for photo opportunities.




The complex also has an ice bar. Due to the grand opening the ice bar was extremely busy and there were people on the stage. Drinks are served in mugs made from ice and the seating is at tables which resemble ice cubes. Unfortunately, we were so cold after our visit to the ice wonderland we couldn’t face sitting in any cold places for longer. However, we will be sure to visit again soon and check out the drinks and menu at the ice bar.