Name: Emack and Bolio’s Ice Cream Parlour

Address: Central World Shopping Mall, Floor 6, Atrium zone, Rama 1 road, Bangkok, Thailand. (there is also a store in Nichada Thani but we have not been)

Phone Number:  02-259-1193


Prices: one scoop 120 baht, two scoops 180 baht, three scoops 240 baht, waffle cone 25 baht, chocolate cone 50 baht, marshmallow cone 70 baht. Other prices listed in photos below.

BTS: Chidlom (Also accessible from Siam via the sky walk, but this is a little further).


Straight from Boston, Massachusettes comes this ice cream parlour with crazy ice cream cones, incredible hot fudge, huge ice cream pizzas, delicious smoothies and scoops of ice cream towering higher than you can imagine. Emack and Bolio’s is a place you need to visit. Furthermore, beyond the gimmicks, there are extremely tasty flavours too. Prepare to over indulge on sugar when visiting.





Bangkok is the first place where shops have opened outside of the US, so this is a reason alone to visit. There is a reasonable selection of ice cream flavours but each has its own special twist. We ordered six delicious flavours and enjoyed each and every one! Staff were extremely friendly, and gave great advice which flavours to go for. When we opted for certain flavours, they even encouraged us to have a sample taste first, as they knew some of them were more of an acquired taste. Scoops sizes are more than generous, so take this into account when ordering!

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Additionally, Emack and Bolio’s provide an assortment of cones dipped in marshmallow with fruit loops, coco pops, nutella, oreos, rice krispies and more…not that you need the extra sugar! We didn’t get to try any of the smoothies or the ice cream pizza, but we saw others ordering and they really looked incredible. We managed to finish our ridiculous tower of six scoops of ice cream but we were defeated by the marshmallow cone.




The store itself is not too big, with limited seating so be prepared to take your ice cream away or stand. They do provide take away tubs too. When we initially visited on a Saturday the queue was so long we gave up and returned during the week after work. It was definitely worth the wait though.