Name: Chao Mae Tubtim Shrine

Address: Swissotel Nailert Hotel, 2 Wireless Road, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

BTS: Phloenchit (You then need to walk down Wireless road for aprox. 10 minutes, see directions below).

Hotel Phone Number: +66 2 253 0123

Price: Free


A rather unique sight in Bangkok is the Chao Mae tubtim shrine.  Here you can find a huge collection of stone, wooden and carved phalluses decorated with ribbons and sashes and displayed in a variety of sizes and colours.


When visiting, it was explained to us that  the shrine is for fertility, and honours the female fertility spirit, Chao mae Tubtim. People believe that a lady who could not conceive went to pray at the shrine and 9 months later she gave birth to a son. She was so pleased that in thanks she went and lay a large wooden phallus in this place. Since then, many people have followed in her footsteps and the collection has grown.

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The shrine is well hidden and quite small and the hotel choose not to advertise it, so don’t make a day trip out of this visit. Simply pop along if you are going to see something in this area. We combined it with a trip to Meeples and More board game cafe and Central Embassy Shopping mall.


This shrine is so unexpected due to its location and its appearance, it can therefore cause a blush and a giggle. But please remember this is a shrine, and should therefore be treated with respect.



To get to the hotel walk down Thannon Whitthayu/Wireless road. The hotel will be on your left, just past the British embassy. You can get to the shrine by either entering the hotel, going down the steps and proceeding past the pool towards the canal. Look for a wooden spirit house. Alternatively you do not have to enter the hotel. When facing the hotel entrance proceed to the right, continue down a service road which will lead you to the car park. Here look for a wooden spirit house located near the canal. The shrine is small and not openly advertised so you may need to ask for help locating it from a member of staff.