Name: Bangkok Bobble Football

Address: Polo Football Park, Phloenchit.

Other locations available are Arena 10 Thong Lo soi 10, Happy FC Ratchada soi 18, Panda FC Dindaeng. When booking you choose your preferred location and they organise this for you. If you have your own space and location you can simply book the balls to come to you.

BTS: Phloenchit (but this depends on the pitch you choose).

Phone Number:  0942068360



Price: 8,000 baht for 1 hour with 10 balls. Price split between number of people playing. No more than 20 people recommended.


You have to try this amusing new game, which combines football and zorbing balls. For those who aren’t great football players or football fans you can choose to do sumo wrestling, bulldog, last man standing, races or simply roll around just for fun instead. A very hot, sweaty but hilarious experience.


We booked to play at Polo Football Park, Phloenchit. The booking process was simple and reminders were sent prior to the day to confirm booking which was a nice touch. Prior to attending you had to fill in details for ball size preference and pay a 4000 baht deposit. Staff were extremely helpful throughout the process through Facebook, email and phone in answering any questions and queries (I had several including what to wear…)! The staff were there in advance to prepare the balls, show you how to get into the balls and ensure they are fastened tightly. Then, you’re ready for the games to begin….

IMG-20140907-WA0000          20140907_142011

First up was sumo wrestling. You line up in two teams and charge at each other towards the centre circle. Whoever manages to push the other player out of the circle wins.


Then, a game of football where you can push and shove any player during the game as long as it is not from behind. However, when a player is in possession of the ball, you can knock them over from any direction and angle.

Next up, last man standing. Exactly as the title suggests. You push and shove until there is only one man/woman standing.

You are also free to simply roll yourself around and play around with the balls. This seemed to be the girls favourite choice of game!




Watching is nearly as amusing as playing, so if you don’t feel like joining in and only want to watch you can still have a great time sitting at the bench and probably taking many photos.