Name: Escape Hunt

Address: 399 interchange (citibank) building, Unit C, B2, Level basement, Sukhumvit road, Khlong toey nua, wattana, bangkok, 10110, Bangkok.

Phone Number:  02 611 2828 

E-Mail Contact :

Website: (then click on Bangkok). You must book a time slot in advance.

BTS:  Asoke (you can easily walk to escape hunt from the BTS  in about 3 minutes. From the BTS, take exit 6, go across the sky walk to Interchange 21 building.  Once in the building follow signs to escape hunt).


We first saw and heard about this place on Trip Advisor as it was listed as the number 1 attraction in Bangkok. From the website and their Facebook page we didn’t quite understand what it was all about. It seemed like lots of people dressed as detectives posing with props. We couldn’t understand how this could be an attraction, and none of our friends in Bangkok had been at that point. But, we decided to be brave and give it a go. Thankfully, it wasn’t simply about dressing up and posing with props. It is a murder mystery simulation, in which you have to solve a crime and escape a locked room within an allocated time.

Make sure you book a time slot in advance using the website. We had to book many days in advance.


When you enter Escape Hunt, you are first seated, offered tea and coffee, and the rules of the game are explained to you. You then leave your bags and valuables in a locker and enter what appears to be an empty room. There is the option of taking a game master into the room with you (this is one of the members of staff and if going for the first time it is probably advisable as they give you hints throughout the game). Once in the room a crime scene is explained to you, and you are then given one hour to solve the crime and escape from the room. A timer is turned on and it slowly ticks down the time on a screen above your head. Once the door is locked you are left to ransack the room looking for clues – we learnt the hard way that you are in fact allowed to turn on the light in the room as soon as the door is locked! Clues are anything from laminated sheets with clear written information to dominoes, books, teddies and keys. As you collect all the clues you then need to start joining them together to make sense of them and create messages to crack codes. This was the really fun part.


At first, we were all extremely confused as to what we were looking for but after about 10 minutes all shyness was lost and we were ransacking the room with excitement. Music plays in the background adding to the feel of the game and building up adrenalin.  There are many twists, turns and surprises that you find in the room…but I don’t want to spoil it for you and give too much away.


If you escape the room within the hour allocated (which we did!!) you are given the opportunity to buy a t-shirt and also dress up as a detective. As you can see, they are very fetching outfits. The games change quite regularly so if you should return, although the concept is the same, the clues and codes are all very different and it will still be as exciting as the first time.