Name: Perfume: Fragrance Bar and Aromatic Cuisine

Address: Left corner of  8 Thonglor building, Sukkhumvit 55. Bangkok.

Phone Number:  +66 2 714 80 71

BTS: Thong Lo (but quite a walk from the BTS down sukhumvit 55)

Website:      or

Price:  Aprox 350++ a cocktail (but totally worth every baht)!


Perfume was recommended to me with the comment “It’s really good, they make candy floss cocktails”. Well, I love candy floss so had to go! What I didn’t expect was that Perfume actually makes tasty and not too sweet candy floss cocktails along with an assortment of other exciting and unusual drinks. The candy floss drink was called ‘Melt my heart’ and the pink candy floss was shaped like a heart within a martini glass. The liquid content of the cocktail was brought in a small jug beside the martini glass. Therefore you have to pour the liquid over the candy floss and effectively ‘melt’ the heart as you do so. A brilliant idea.

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There’s the option to sit inside or outside, with outside, unfortunately, being directly onto the main road. The menu is extensive with drinks including cocktails infused with sheesha, ones that are set alight, lychee foam tops and dry ice. It’s incredible what the barmen have come up with. The fun doesn’t end if you don’t fancy a cocktail and instead opt for spirits. When ordering your spirits you can select your choice of ice. There are different types of diamond, a globe shape, to name just a few.


Shots are served in an equally exciting manner. A range of shots are poured from one shaker and emerge as a rainbow of colours into different glasses. Just like magic! Be aware, the bluer shots are much stronger than the more juice-like red ones, and this reflects in the taste.

I looked at the menu and it seems like some of their magic has been applied to the way they serve food, but I did not eat here. A final piece of advice – ask the waiter, or read the cocktail menu carefully if you want a drink with all the excitement. One of my friends ordered the Mojito, and although it tasted amazing, she was very disappointed that unlike all the other drinks we ordered “it didn’t do anything!”