Name: Lucky Bunny Cafe

Address: Lad Phrao 101 Yaek 28, Bangkok, Thailand (see note at bottom of page).

It’s not near a BTS, (nearest BTS would be Mo Chit) and quite far down a little soi so you need to get a taxi. We had no problems with the taxi driver finding it as once you are on the soi there are signs for it. From On Nut the taxi cost just under 150 Baht.

Phone Number:  +66 85 195 54 65


Price:  100 baht per person for entrance + food and drinks. Cake 139 baht, drinks 120 baht.


There’s a craze of dog and cat cafe’s in Bangkok, but this is a little different. You can sip your drink, eat some delicious cake and pet a fluffy bunny rabbit all at the same time. They have lots of rabbits which are clean and clearly very well looked after.

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The place itself is located deep down a soi and is simply a converted house. Once on the soi it is easy to find as there are signs pointing you in the correct direction. It has lots of rabbit related decor; books, toys, statues, photos, the lot. However, it has a quirky rather than tacky feel to it. Once you enter you must take off your shoes and wear the slippers provided. You then order your food and drinks, but also need to pay an extra 100 baht admission fee per person. The food was, surprisingly, really good and they also offer some savoury dishes.


When the rabbits are ready you are invited into an adjacent room  where the rabbits are all kept in their cages. The cages are clearly labelled with their names and medical information about them.

20140809_120128 20140809_115512


The experience begins with a rabbit show. But don’t worry, it’s not the usual cruel Thai animal show. The owner shows how the rabbits can stand on two legs, jump high over a fence and turn around when asked. He shows clear love and care for the animals, and when they are reluctant to perform he simply pets them. It was actually really pleasant to watch.


Finally, the best part, you get to feed and pet the rabbits. You aren’t allowed to lift them, but you can hold them on your lap should they come to you. A few rabbits are placed in the centre and you sit around them. You are given rabbit food and are allowed to feed them. The owner changes the rabbits in the centre often so you get to pet many different rabbits and also none of them get over fed. The level of English in the cafe was good, but the show and information later about the rabbits was in Thai, so if you don’t speak the language you may struggle to understand, but I don’t feel this takes away from the experience at all.

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** Please note this cafe will close mid September 2014 and will relocate to Chiangmai. You can follow them on Facebook for their latest news and address.