Name: Hajime Robot Restaurant

Address: Third floor of Monopoly Park on Rama3 Road. It is located at the entrance road toward the Bhumibol 1 Bridge and between Soi 61 and 63 of Rama3.

Phone Number:  0-2683-1670, 0-2683-1191#1

E-Mail Contact :


Price:  All you can eat Buffet 500Baht++. A la carte also available.


Hajime Robot restaurant can definitely be classed as a strange place to eat. On arrival you choose (from a human waiter) whether you would like to eat from the barbeque buffet, shabu hot pot buffet or A  – la carte menu. Next, your human waiter takes you to your seat and brings all the necessary equipment for your meal.

The tables are arranged in a circle around a blocked off area of the restaurant. This is where the robot carries out his tricks. He is surrounded by glass windows so you can see in, but you can’t touch. The robot’s job is to bring food to hungry customers and now and again stop and do a dance. Tunes we experienced were Lady Gaga and Gangnam Style!

However, don’t be fooled into thinking the robot cooks your food and is solely your waiter. To get your food, there is a computer screen at your table. From this screen you select what you would like to eat. Some items are brought to you by human staff, some items are brought by the robot. As it is a buffet you can keep ordering different items to see which ones the robot brings as opposed to the human waiter and keep ordering those!

When your food is ready the robot whizzes over to collect it from the kitchen, the robot then whizzes over to your table to serve. The glass window at your table opens for a brief second allowing the robot to deliver your food then shuts again. When you have finished, he also collects your dirty plates. However, you have to make sure you stack them properly or you confuse him.

Overall, a hilarious experience, with decent enough food. Highly recommended for children!